Published Articles/Books/TV appearances


Press TV:

-“Between the Headlines”. May 2009

-“Remember the Children of Palestine”. April 2009

-“Middle East Today”. January 2009


“Le champ du possible”, mon livre d’entretien avec Noam Chomsky et Ilan Pappe sur le “conflit” Israelo-Palestinien vient de sortir:

Sur Amazon

Sur Rezolibre


On Counterpunch:

-“The one word solution” How Israel uses the word terrorist. July 2008

-Noam Chomsky/Ilan Pappe Interview. June 2008

-“An Israeli in Gaza”. Jeff Halper Interview. December 2008

On the Electronic Intifada:

-“Nablus, vibrant despite it all”. September 2008

On Palestine Chronicle:

-“The death of Bassem Abu Rahme”. April 2009.

-“A charter issue?”. January 2009.

-The war to end all wars”. January 2009

-The PLO must go back to its roots: Bassam Shaka ITV”. August 2008

-“This is Palestine”. July 2008

On the New Internationalist:

-“Israel, Palestine and the hypocrisies of power: An interview with Noam Chomsky”. August 2007

On OpEdNews:

-“Lecturing the Muslim world: An analysis of Obama’s Cairo speech”. June 2009

-Non violence in Palestine, an analysis (with Ramzy Baroud, Ray Zwarich and Raymond Deane). May 2009

-Interview with Prof. Norman Finkelstein. September 2007

On Monthly Review:

-An Israeli in Gaza”. Jeff Halper Interview. December 2008

On Zmag:

-“Noam Chomsky/Ilan Pappe interview. June 2008.

On The Comment Factory:

-“The media assumes Israel wants  peace, it doesn’t”. January 2009.

Info-Palestine: (in French)

-“Un Israelien dans Gaza” Interview de Jeff Halper. Decembre 2008

Le Flambeau: (In French)

-“Interview Chomsky/Pappe” (in french). June 2008

International Solidarity Movement France:

-“Le combattant oublié: Nablus ou la volonté de vivre” (in French). Septembre 2008


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