Published Articles/Books/TV appearances


Press TV:

“Between the Headlines”. May 2009

“Remember the Children of Palestine”. April 2009

“Middle East Today”. January 2009


“Le champ du possible”, mon livre d’entretien avec Noam Chomsky et Ilan Pappe sur le “conflit” Israelo-Palestinien vient de sortir:

Sur Amazon

Sur Rezolibre


On Counterpunch:

“The one word solution” How Israel uses the word terrorist. July 2008

Noam Chomsky/Ilan Pappe Interview. June 2008

“An Israeli in Gaza”. Jeff Halper Interview. December 2008

On the Electronic Intifada:

“Nablus, vibrant despite it all”. September 2008

On Palestine Chronicle:

“The death of Bassem Abu Rahme”. April 2009.

“A charter issue?”. January 2009.

The war to end all wars”. January 2009

The PLO must go back to its roots: Bassam Shaka ITV”. August 2008

“This is Palestine”. July 2008

On the New Internationalist:

“Israel, Palestine and the hypocrisies of power: An interview with Noam Chomsky”. August 2007

On OpEdNews:

“Lecturing the Muslim world: An analysis of Obama’s Cairo speech”. June 2009

Non violence in Palestine, an analysis (with Ramzy Baroud, Ray Zwarich and Raymond Deane). May 2009

Interview with Prof. Norman Finkelstein. September 2007

On Monthly Review:

An Israeli in Gaza”. Jeff Halper Interview. December 2008

On Zmag:

“Noam Chomsky/Ilan Pappe interview. June 2008.

On The Comment Factory:

“The media assumes Israel wants  peace, it doesn’t”. January 2009.

Info-Palestine: (in French)

“Un Israelien dans Gaza” Interview de Jeff Halper. Decembre 2008

Le Flambeau: (In French)

“Interview Chomsky/Pappe” (in french). June 2008

International Solidarity Movement France:

“Le combattant oublié: Nablus ou la volonté de vivre” (in French). Septembre 2008

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