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Saed Abu Hijleh, Palestine Prof. in Political geography at An Najah University, Nablus. Saed recalls the assassination of his mother by the Israeli army in October 2002.

Tatiana Bertrand (in French), France Tatiana, a teacher in France tells us, why she came to Nablus and how’ life in Palestine is for a woman.

Christian Betheuil (in French), France Christian, an egineering student in France tells us why he wants to come back to Nablus for a year as soon as possible.

Julie Dordilly (in French), France Julie, a psychology student in France, tells us about her apprehensions before coming, and what reality looks like.

Bashar Dredi (in French) Palestine French translator for Project Hope, Nablus, Bashar recounts his experiences during the intifada, his problems with the Israeli army and his hopes for the future.

Islam Gabi, Palestine Founder of Circus 4 all, Islam talks about the first and second Intifada, the peace process, talking to the Israelis, his house being taken by the army, volunteering for the red crescent during the clashes, the peace process and the future of Palestine/Israel.

Andy Gregory, England A teacher in England, Andy talks about Mahmoud Darwish, Natalie Handal and how Palestine is viewed in the Western world.

John & Gabriella, U.S.A This couple from New York tell us how difficult it is in the USA (and more especially New York) to criticize Israel. They also talk about the reactions of the Palestinians when learning that they were Americans.

Maissa Khwaireh (in French), Palestine French program coordinator, Project Hope, Nablus, Maissa tells us about Project Hope but also about life in Nablus.

Aric Kleppin, U.S.A Studying politics in the U.S.A, Aric reounts the problems he faced at the airport on his way to Israel and tells us why he want to come back to Nablus.

Tharwa Mazen, Palestine English program coordinator, Project Hope, Nablus, Tharwa talks about her job at Project Hope and about the future of Palestine.

Ciara Ni Fhlannagain, Ireland Student in Ireland, Ciara gives us her thought on life in Nablus and tells us why leaving is the last thing she wants to do.

Maroof Rabba’, Palestine Volunteer and international relations coordinator, Project Hope, Nablus, Maroof recounts his experiences during the Intifada while volunteering for the Red Crescent. Maroof also talks about the future of Palestine.

Anne Rozieres (in French), France who lives in Spain, tells us why she felt the urge to come to Palestine. She also tells us about teaching in refugee camps around Nablus.

Hakim Sabbah (in French), Palestine Director, Project Hope, Nablus, Hakim tells us more about how Project Hope was created.

Anna Tomasdottir, Iceland Anna recounts the problems she faced when re-entering Israel from Jordan and how she had to fight to stay in Palestine.

Claire Wright, Scotland an artist from Scotland, spending 6 months in Nablus, Claire talks about her experiences in the West Bank.

Ala Yousef, Palestine Youth exchange program coordinator, An Najah University, Nablus, Ala tells us how most students are psychologically affected by the occupation and the multiples Israeli army raids in the city.

Hiba Yousef, Palestine Activities coordinator, Project Hope, Nablus, Hiba tells us about her job at Project Hope.

Hassan Zagha, Palestine Arabic and Hebrew teacher, Project Hope, Nablus, Hassan remembers when he was once arrested at a checkpoint and kept in jail for 11 months. Without ever knowing why he had been arrested.

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